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Stunning 7-color rock beach in Binh Thuan

15/01/2021 1619 views

Near Hon Cau Nature Reserve, a beach with beautiful 7-color rocky shore, sparkling like crystal in the sun, located in Binh Thanh commune (Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province).

Stunning 7-color rock beach in Binh Thuan - 1

A sea corner of the 7-color rock beach in Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province

Natural masterpiece

This 7-color rock beach is about 40m wide, stretching more than 1km along the coast. The Vietnam Record Book Center recognizes it as the rock beach with the most shapes and colors in Vietnam.

Even though I had mentally prepared in advance, my group of backpacking friends from Ho Chi Minh City couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the strangely attractive beauty of the 7-color rocky beach. Early in the morning, put your bare feet on the smooth stones to enjoy the cool feeling. And when the sun rises, it warms your feet as if they are being massaged in a luxurious place.

According to local people, the rocky beach was formed several hundred years ago. Initially, from the large rocks sunk deep in the sea, sand, rocks, and water eroded together and pushed the debris to the shore. Over hundreds of years, the colorful rocky beaches like today have been formed. Every time the ocean waves hit, it increases the shine, making the stones sparkle like crystal in the sun. The stones here are stacked one after another, the smallest is the size of a marble, the largest is the size of an adult's fist, arranged in 4 floors. The sea here still retains its pristine, green and clean beauty mixed with the beauty of 7-color rocks, making visitors ecstatic about the beauty of nature...

A few hundred meters away is Co Thach beach (Co Thach pagoda). Local people say that the best time to go to Co Thach beach and admire the 7-color rocks is in March (people in the photography profession call it "moss hunting season"). At this time, almost all the large rocks in Co Thach are covered with a dark green moss, then gradually turn yellow under the bright sunlight. Small stones of 7 colors add elegance to the beauty of the sea.

Stunning 7-color rock beach in Binh Thuan - 2

Tourists take selfies on the ancient stone beach

Let your soul follow the clouds of smoke

A special feature of the beach area with 7-color rocks is that the seafood is very fresh and delicious. Fishermen in the area go to sea in small basket boats, departing at dawn and when the sun rises, fresh seafood comes ashore. The most delicious is the live squid caught from the net and then immediately put into a bowl of noodles, pour boiling water, cover for 3 minutes, take out and eat, there is nothing better than delicious.

The system of restaurants and motels and accommodation services here are quite affordable for tourists to choose from. Many people also like to rent hammocks and tents under the casuarina or coconut trees to breathe in the sea air at night...

In the past, many visitors came to visit and saw beautiful stones so they took them as souvenirs. Currently, local authorities have banned it from being brought home. With the purpose of protecting clean and beautiful rocky beaches, local authorities also prohibit campfires and cooking on these rocky beaches. 

Along the beach in Binh Thanh commune, there are very fresh seafood restaurants that local people catch near the shore and sell. This restaurant system is located on one side is the sea and the other side is ocean hills so the climate is very fresh.

A few kilometers away there is sand dunes in Binh Thanh commune, there are sandboarding games or visit Ong Nam Hai Lang (Lang Ca Ong) near the sand dunes.